Dean Markley GT-1000T Pocket Amp

Dean Markley GT-1000T Pocket Amp with great sound.  This pocket amp takes a 9v battery and has a clip to hang on...

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Holton French Horn

Brass Holton french horn (model# H600) with detachable mouth piece and black hard case. The horn has a nice shine...

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Pair of Sabian B8 hi hat 14″ 36cm cymbals

Pair of Sabian B8 hi hat 14″ 36cm cymbals.  These cymbals are in great shape and are pure brass.  There is...

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Besson Trombone With Hard Case

Besson 639 Trombone with hardcase.  This trombone also has a mouth piece, cleaning rod, tunning slide grease and...

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Epiphone Trigger Cab Amp

Red Epiphone Trigger Cab Amp for sale at Mike’s Jewelry & Loan.  This speaker has 4 10 inch speakers,...

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Dean 5-string banjo

Dean 5-string banjo with soft case.  This banjo is a couple of months old and has never been played.  For more...

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